Sunday, March 11, 2012


So Sunday's are by far the hardest day of the week for me. It is the one day that I stop and sit and enjoy my life, then I realize, far to often, how much I am missing in my life. It's challenging, to say the least. Church has good days and bad ones with Avery. Last Sunday was spent mostly in the foyer, while this Sunday we made it all the way through sacrament without leaving! We even got there five minutes early. I love watching all the families in church. The man that stares at his wife in complete respect and awe, the mom who gets all 6 of her kids to church, matching and looking in order, the dad that lets his wife enjoy sacrament while he takes out the screaming baby. I appreciate those moments a lot more now that I don't have someone to share them with.

My pew is a little different, today was actually kinda fun. Usually it's Ethan being the dad of the group, trying to keep Aidan in line and asking if he can take Avery out into the hall. I give dirty looks at the first sign of an argument or talking, and do my best to juggle Avery, giving her whatever her heart desires so she will be content to stay in our row. Today there was someone sitting behind us that was entertaining Avery, which was extremely helpful. Then there was the moment that the boys just started giggling, over who knows what, but while watching them and trying to get them to be quiet, I bust into laughter as well, there are 3 of us sitting there trying not to laugh, which is making us laugh even more! It was a really fun, funny moment. But we made it through, and mostly unscathed!

I long for someone to share these precious moments with again, for now it is my blog, and a few friends. I have met quite a few new people in the past few weeks, I am learning to put myself out of my comfort zone, but I need to push a little more. It's been fun to meet new people and get out there, but I have to admit, it's slow going, and hard.

This week is spring break for me, and I am really looking forward to it. Sad news is I have to get my research paper written! I have put that sucker off for way to long, now I must pay the price. Hopefully it will be fast going, and I will be able to get it done! Then comes my trip to Idaho Falls, to go to Time Out For Women. I am so excited for that, time to recharge my battery, just what I need, I hope at least. I'll keep you updated!