Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 miles

I'm still building endurance, and desire to run. But I did another 2.1 miles today. That makes a little over 10 miles logged this week! That is amazing for me! I need to sign up for some races this summer, starting with the dirty dash!!! That is my heaven.

Spent hours outside with the kids, even got a sunburn...can't say I've ever experienced that in March, but hey, if it means the sun is out, I am totally ok with that.

I went to an institute activity last night, met some new people, and had some fun. I even met someone that served their mission in Alaska, and was in Fairbanks the same time I was. Small world! Most importantly I went by myself, so I would meet some new people, and I did. It was great!

Tonight I'm gonna paint the town in Provo with a friend or two! Fun times to be had for sure. Watch out Provo, you won't be the same after tonight! Other than that life is pretty mundane, looking forward to my trip north next weekend!